Good products all by themselves don’t make good systems, they need to be configured and integrated with know-how and care, applying lessons learned through years of experience, to perform exactly as required in each situation. In addition they must deliver reliably and consistently year after year. With the future in mind, they need to be expandable, and as new technologies and products are developed, they need to be upgradeable to bring their owners new benefits and functions without a total replacement being necessitated.

We at ESA provide a complete range of design, supply, installation, commissioning and ongoing support services so that we can help our clients derive the absolute maximum from their systems over their full life cycles. We can tailor our services to suit specific customer needs and approaches to project undertakings.

What follows is an overview of the range of services we offer....

"Turnkey" system Design, supply and deployment

This service involves provision of an entire system, including design development and engineering services, drawing and specification preparation, procurement services, provision of material, labour and management for installation and commissioning, provision of all required manuals, training of operations and maintenance personnel, and ongoing preventive and corrective maintenance services as needed. The "Turnkey" approach is a "Design-Build" process.
To view a list of our main Turnkey projects, please click on Turnkey Solutions.

"Supply to Client Design and Requirements"

This service involves ESA providing a complete system as specified by the client (or client's consultant) in terms of scope, function and operation. Scope of supply can be whatever suits a client’s purposes, and may include any, some or all of those services included in the "Turnkey" formula.

"Bid to Plans and Specifications"

ESA will prepare bids or proposals to supply precisely the types, quantities and arrangements of systems and equipment as fully specified in drawings and specifications provided by a client (or client's consultant). For a typical project this will include provision of the materials and equipment, shop drawings and manuals, installation support and coordination, commissioning support and follow up services.

"Corrective Maintenance" Services

These are provided in response to service requests, and they do not (necessarily) involve any ongoing service agreement with a client. Three options are available:

  • Warranty Repair Service is related to the repair or replacement of any and all parts or portions of a system following a failure that is related to normal use during the warranty period. The Warranty coverage is determined by the manufacturer's policy and agreements made with ESA at the time of the supply contract. In general ESA provides a one(1) year parts and labour warranty following a client commencing beneficial use of their communication system.
  • Standard "On Demand" Troubleshooting & Repair Service is available on a "time and material" basis at standard ESA Communications technician rates and MSRP prices for all materials. To learn about current rates and material prices for specific items, please contact our office and we will be pleased to provide you the information you seek.
  • Emergency "On Demand" Troubleshooting & Repair Service is available 24-7-365 to a client who enters into a maintenance contract. Terms of the contract can be adjusted to the client's needs.

Weighing the Risks Against the Costs ....

"Corrective" services as itemized above are reactive, in other words, nothing happens until something goes wrong. When it does, we will of course respond as quickly as we are able taking into account our resources in place at the time. Some system owners elect to rely on these kinds of services because there is no "contract" required" with ESA in advance, and no fee to pay until something goes wrong.

The difficulty for ESA with the "reactive’ approach is that we cannot plan for random service calls, we cannot keep costly expert resources standing by idle "in case" something happens, we cannot schedule resources in the most productive and cost-effective way to provide support "ad hoc", so-to-speak. That is why our costs and our prices are somewhat higher for "On-Demand" (and "Emergency") service work. So the down side of electing to rely on "corrective" services only is that when something goes wrong, it may cost more to fix than if a pre-arranged service agreement is undertaken with ESA, and "Preventive" maintenance provided in a "proactive" instead of "reactive" approach.

The pro-active approach can bring great benefits to those who choose this route both in terms of cost, as well as in terms of up-time, problem avoidance, and mean-times-to-repair. We recommend that our clients very seriously consider "Preventative" service, as per the following:

"Preventive Maintenance" Service

is a pre-contracted preventive inspection, testing and repair service designed to specifically meet the needs of a given system and/or client. This service involves periodic technician visits to the site, thorough inspection and testing of the system,(carefully coordinating with client timetables and operations), preparation of a full inspection and testing report, complete with recommendations for repairs, replacements or upgrades as appropriate. The "Service Contract" has two options:

  • Standard Periodic Inspections and Tests include and consist only of the inspection and testing labour and DO NOT include parts, repairs or modifications. Should a repair be indicated as a result of the periodic inspection and testing process, it will appear in the Service Report along with a quotation for the required parts and labour. This form of contract lays the risk of repair costs on the shoulders of the client, but the client pays a lower annual fee for the ongoing periodic service, than in the case of the "Comprehensive Maintenance Contract", which follows.
  • A Comprehensive Maintenance Contract covers the client for periodic inspections and testing, service reports, service calls, repairs and parts and labour for failures that occur under normal operating conditions and under normal wear and tear. This means that unless the customer or an act of God causes damage or failure to the system, the customer will not incur any costs, apart from the annual contract fee, for the preventative maintenance required to keep their system operating reliably.

For clients to acquire a new complete Communications system from us, we will be very pleased to develop and present alternative proposals with estimated cost scenarios, for various forms of post-commissioning maintenance services. They can then choose what they feel best serves their needs and risk tolerances.

However, that does not mean that that all these offerings are not available to owners of existing (IED??) systems, who would like to engage repair or ongoing preventive services.""Corrective" services as described above are available to all system owners and facilities. However, in order for ESA to provide a meaningful proposal for Preventive services on a system with which we are unfamiliar, it is likely that we will need to undertake a "System Audit" in advance.

"System Audit" Services

involve a thorough inspection and testing of a client's existing system, in order to document its current condition, structure and operation. This information will allow the client, together with ESA Communications; to determine if any changes, repairs or improvements are needed, and will allow us to determine what our ongoing costs would be to preventively maintain the system, so we can provide the absolute best price possible and the highest value, in taking care of the system moving forward.

For those whose audio systems have been serving them for some time, without having had a thorough inspection and test by an authorized technical service provider, we strongly recommend you give us a call and set up a meeting so we can help you understand what an audit would involve, and how you might benefit.

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